WebEasy Professional 10 Review

PROS / You get a free domain for life.

CONS / The software is a one-time cost, but the hosting is a monthly fee.

VERDICT / Beyond the complicated plans, WebEasy will help you create a great-looking site using an easy process.

WebEasy Professional has a name that speaks for itself. This website creation software makes creating websites easy and approachable. WebEasy Professional uses Microsoft application layouts and patterns for page layout and navigation. While most of our top-ranked products are strictly online applications, WebEasy works as a standalone product but gives you access to monthly plans that provide hosting and marketing tools.

WebEasy Professional 10 Visit Site

This website building software is very easy to use. We were able to put together the main page of an eCommerce website, complete with PayPal connections and YouTube videos, in mere minutes. We used a template and then added elements that reflected the aesthetics of the business.

  1. How many templates and themes are available in the application.
    More is Better
  2. 9 WebEasy Professional
  3. 1 Weebly
  4. 2000
  5. 100
  6. Category Average

This website creation software has drag-and-drop functionality to enhance usability. This function allows you to drag photos, animations, forms, background textures and other enhancements directly from their gallery folders to your webpage. The program also has a very useful WYSIWYG interface, and the website builder software automatically generates HTML code that will display your site the way you want across all web browsers.

The SEO Assistant function is among the most powerful we saw. You can enter metadata and strategically place keywords by page, set up alternative HTML text, and add image tags, all of which will help drive traffic to your site. However, there are a few missing marketing features that keep this product from ranking higher in our lineup. It doesn't offer advertising credits, a proprietary shopping cart or have its own analytics. In terms of the cart and analytics, you do have supplementary tools thanks to Google and PayPal, but the software feels a bit incomplete.

As mentioned, there isn't a hosting option unless you upgrade to the monthly plan. Yet, with their inexpensive plan, you get unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email accounts. Also, the advantage of WebEasy's hosting compared to other website creators is that you get a domain name for life instead of a year.

The website creation tool comes with an interactive tutorial that can be accessed at any time directly from the interface for instant help about specific topics. You can also access online tutorials, videos, and a help and support section, which cover a large range of topics. From the website, you can search commonly asked questions in the FAQs section or create your own question. You can also enter questions in the email contact form, use the technical support phone number or access live chat support.


Whether you are a beginner or have some experience in web design, WebEasy Professional is a great way to build a site from scratch. The only reason it ranks lower in our matrix is that if you purchase the software for a one-time cost, you also need to add the monthly hosting plan. The software seamlessly bridges the gap between ease of use and advanced, customizable features. With its intuitive screen controls combined with easy-to-follow tutorials and a WYSIWYG platform, WebEasy Professional constitutes good website creation software.

WebEasy Professional 10 Visit Site