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Website Creation Software Review

Why Website Creation Software?

In the past, if you wanted a website built, you'd have to find a friend who knew something about HTML coding. Now, there is no excuse not to create a site. Dozens of services have stepped up their game and made easy web creation software that is targeted to users that may only have enough computer proficiency to click and drag with a mouse. This type of software has moved away from being packaged in standalone offline programs. It is now an ongoing service that provides hosting and constant support as part of the site ownership.

The best web creation software is easy enough for beginner users, but also has a substantial number of tools that cater to those who have a high level of experience. Typically, those using these programs are looking to establish their brand online, whether it’s to gain visitors on a popular blog or have an online storefront for a small- or medium-size business.

As you search for the best paid professional website creators, it's important to find one that fits your specific interests and business goals. For the most balanced products, we recommend Weebly, Homestead and Squarespace. For more information about this topic, check out our articles about web creation services.

Web Creation Software: What to Look For

When choosing website creation software, look for programs that are intuitive to use and offer a wide range of features, including graphics, image-editing tools, webpage templates, scripting support and helpful documentation. Read more about the criteria we used to evaluate the best website creation software below.

Design & Multimedia
Good website creation software comes with a library of professional-quality webpage templates that make creating your pages easy. Today's websites need to be visually appealing, so your chosen program should come with a large, built-in library of images, including clip art, animated GIFs, buttons and more. Good software includes tools you can use to resize, crop or compress images, as well as automatically preview samples of images at various resolutions. This feature pays off when you need to reduce image quality so your webpages load more quickly for visitors.

Creating the site is only the first step; when it is done, you need to get it in front of the right online audience. Each website creator should provide you with the ability to share your site through organic search and paid means. The easiest ways to gain instant promotion is through the use of meta tags, advertising credits and social media integration.

Hosting gives your site a home. The URL will never be seen if the program doesn't actually go online. You should find an application that has great hosting features like a reasonable number of available pages, email addresses and the right amount of storage. Even these storage plans come in tiers, and you can often find the right web creation service that incorporates every feature into one manageable cost.

Help & Support
Due to its technical nature, website creation software calls for particularly good help and support. The software you choose should offer a comprehensive user guide and help system. You'll also need tutorials to learn how to create a website; good software products offer website-building tutorials on their sites or directly in the software. Additionally, the manufacturer should offer a customer service email address or telephone number in case you need individual help.

Whether you want to create a website for personal or professional reasons, the right website creator can help you build the perfect website in a matter of hours. Professional-quality, interactive and attractive websites are just a few easy steps away.